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Planning To Plant A Lot Of Crops? Why You Should Use Subsurface Injection Fertilizer

by Gregory Howell

If you are going to plant a lot of crops this year, one important thing to help the crops grow healthy is fertilizing them. You could do this by hand, but because you are planting a lot, this would take you a long time. Instead of by hand, you can use subsurface injection fertilizer. Below is information on how the process of subsurface injection fertilizer works and the many benefits this offers you.

Subsurface Injection Fertilizer

First, subsurface injection should be done by a professional. This is because if not done correctly, you could not get the fertilizer to where it needs to go. This is because tubes have to be installed under the soil next to the roots of each plant that you planted. If not done correctly you could place the tubes too deep or not deep enough. If this happens, the crops will not receive the fertilizer. 

A piece of equipment is used to place the fertilizer and water into the tubes. This equipment can do the process quickly and efficiently. The tubes are left in place after the subsurface irrigation process is completed. This will make things much easier next year if you choose to do this again. 

Subsurface Injection Fertilizer Benefits

Besides helping your crops receive the right amount of fertilizer exactly where they need it there are other benefits of choosing this. One benefit is the tubes can be left in place. This allows the process to be done much quicker next year if you decide to do this again. You would also be charged less in labor charges as the company would not have to install tubes.

Another benefit is you will not have to waste fertilizer as the exact amount of fertilizer is used for each plant. Fertilizer can be expensive, especially when you have a lot of crops. You will also have no runoff. Runoff means when applying liquid fertilizer on top of the soil, some of the fertilizer will run off and will not sink down into the soil to get to the roots. Runoff is a big concern if your fields are sloped in any way. If you do fertilize by hand, you will never know for sure if the fertilizer does reach the roots of the crop.

For more information, talk to a company that provides subsurface injection fertilizer, and they can explain in detail how this works.