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Having A Commercial Land Survey Completed Before Making Major Upgrades

by Gregory Howell

As with residential properties, there are many instances where a business may need to have a land survey completed. Failing to have a survey done before major landscaping projects can prove to be a substantial liability.

Expanding The Parking Lot

Expanding the parking lot is a common upgrade for businesses to make to their grounds. This is an investment that will directly increase the number of people that are able to park on the property. However, a land survey should always be completed prior to undertaking this type of improvement as the parking lot will likely come close to the border of your property. A survey can avoid the risk of paving a portion of ground that your business does not own as you may end up being liable for the costs of removing the pavement and restoring the grounds.

Securing The Perimeter With A Fence

Installing a fence around the border of the commercial lot is a step that can be done to keep unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the facility. To be effective, these fences should be installed around the entire perimeter of the property. Unfortunately, this can be one of the projects that may be the most likely to cause boundary violations as the location of the border for the property may slightly vary in some areas. A survey will ensure that you know the exact location of the boundary so the fence will avoid violating it.

Construction Additions To The Business's Building

Building an addition to your commercial building will substantially increase the amount of floor space that is available. For some businesses, this may be done to allow for more customers to be inside the building while others may need this addition to add more office space or storage. In addition to the risk of the addition violating the boundary lines for the property, it is also necessary to keep the construction equipment, building materials, and other items that will be needed on your property. Surveys can make it possible for contractors to avoid the issues that could arise from violating these boundaries as they are working on your new addition.

Removing Trees From Near The Boundary Of The Property

The removal of trees can be another project that may benefit from having a survey completed first. Removing a tree that is actually on your neighbor's property can be exceedingly costly, and this is particularly true for larger trees. Surveys will avoid situations where you accidentally cut down a tree that is not actually a part of your property.

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